Franca Sozzani’s interview with New York Times

The following is an article and interview on Franca Sozzani taken from The New York Times (link here), by Eric Wilson. Although Wilson has taken a sarcastic approach and appears less than impressed by her, I cannot express how brilliant I think this woman is. She cracks me up.

Franca Sozzani, the outspoken editor in chief of Italian Vogue for 23 years, has been in the news a lot lately after publishing issues with provocative themes, like one with only black models in 2008, or the so-called curvy issue this summer. She also pushes a lot of hot-topic buttons on her blog and Twitter accounts.

With her newsmaking quips, she’s practically become this season’s Carine Roitfeld or Karl Lagerfeld, telling Newsweek that Dior should “hire back John Galliano,” and Time that Silvio Berlusconi “gives the impression that Italy is one big casino.” (Ellen note: The Italian word for casino is “casino'”, with an accent on the ‘o’. Without the accent, the word means “brothel”. I suspect that Franca Sozzani said that Silvio Berlusconi gives the impression that “Italy is one big brothel”. Which sounds much more likely. Thanks MarianD)


Tom Ford responds to Roitfeld speculation

Tom Ford has put an end to rumours that his long-term friend Carine Roitfeld will be joining him in a new collaborative venture, despite online rumours.

“Carine and I have no plans to work together at the moment, and it is nothing that we have even discussed, but of course I think she is brilliant and we are close friends so who knows about the future,” Ford tells The New York Times.

Roitfeld announced her decision to leave Vogue Paris on Friday after ten years of service.