Productively moaning at moaners: Bored of vanity

Liz Jones was obviously having a self-involved day when she decided the best forum for her latest rant was in national newspaper Daily Mail.

Jones tenderly handled the subject of childhood anorexia, respected varying female shapes and did nothing to promote the notion that fashion is only for the thin…I am, of course, being sarcastic. It seems that every time fashion takes a step forward, there’s a moaning female journalist dragging the industry back two steps.

Get over it. Designers like catwalk models to be thin – and of a certain height – because they’re supposed to be identical walking clothes hangers, not “personalities”. This doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to be, or is expected to be, size zero.

Writing about larger-breasted women, Jones announces, “I look at those who expose their sweaty cleavages and think, hmm, how slutty, I bet they use them to get ahead at work.” Maybe, Jones, these women have better things to think about then their boobs and get promoted at work because they are – shock, horror – genuinely intelligent. I’m also thinking that perhaps this is how Jones used her larger breasts before she got a reduction, it would certainly explain how she became editor of Marie Claire –which, by the way, she was reportedly sacked from because she referred to a model as “a bag of bones”. Although that’s probably untrue, it works nicely for my rant. Image-obsessed this woman is.

Jones’ irresponsible bashing of larger-breasted women continues as she says, “I comfort myself with the knowledge these big-busted broads will never look good in Prada or Jil Sander or Helmut Lang.” I hate to break this to you so bluntly, Jones, but women with breasts and, indeed, larger women can be stylish too; Gabi Gregg, author of the Young, Fat and Fabulous blog, obviously thinks so. As do all of these women. It’s, admittedly, a slow process but there is a growing acceptance of larger sizes (proof, proof, proof) but then shite like this get’s published and some people feel insecure all over again.

So, in response to your article, I don’t care. I don’t care if you have scars on your nipples, I don’t care if flat chests are in, I don’t care if Pamela Anderson has had a popularity resurgence and people now want to look like this. Stop bitching and obsessing about your fucking breasts and actually write something half-intelligent.

As a side note: Jones article wavered over her blatant psychological problems, claiming her anorexia was because she “wanted to be thin, like Janice Dickinson on the cover of Vogue.” While this may have been what later drove her anorexia she stated, “I wanted boys not to notice me”; suggesting one of the real causes of her anorexia was her unwillingness to grow-up and her fear of entering adulthood. If you do have anorexia please seek help or, and this has to be motivation enough, you’ll end up like this whiney journalist who once said, “It makes no sense, but I’d rather be thin than happy or healthy.”