NSFW: Art School Stole My Virginity

 I know the title is a pretty big clue, but just thought I should warn you that this post does contain sexual images.

As we ‘come of age’ there are particular milestones we’re expected to meet. None receives as much societal attention as having sex for the first time. This act of union with another person causes more stress and overthought than probably any other aspect of one’s teenage years, when we’re first made aware that it’s a big deal. How old you are, where you are and who you’re with when you first ‘do it’ is, for various reasons, important.

Fellow UAL-er, Central Saint Martins art student, Clayton Pettet, is preparing a piece of performance art that has generated an international response because of this societal interest. On 25th January 2014, presenting in front of one-hundred people in a gallery in Hackney, nineteen-year-old Pettet will lose his virginity.