The day fashion ended – Alex Curran for Vogue?

I’ve just read this on the Daily Mail website, hopefully it’s lies.

Professional scallie, Alex Curran who is married to Liverpool and England footballer Steven Gerrard, has been shot for the December issue of Vogue.

“It seems the surgically enhanced 27-year-old Northerner – who is best known for stepping out in Juicy Couture tracksuits and nail extensions – has been shot for a diary-style spread for the leading fashion magazine and may even appear on the cover.

“Alex was shot over several days during London Fashion Week and had a separate studio shoot arranged,” said a source.

“The spread has been pencilled in for five pages and she may even be the cover. Alex is over the moon about it and can’t wait – she has always wanted to appear in the magazine. She has been very careful to tell only close family members and friends.”

Last year, I [Daily Mail] revealed how Vogue received a number of complaints and cancelled subscriptions when Victoria Beckham became the first footballer’s wife on the cover.

In February this year, Cheryl Cole followed suit.”

Ok, I can understand the use of the other two “WAGS”, Victoria Beckham was famous before David Beckham, as was Cheryl Cole before Ashley; I can respect them both as business women. But Alex Curran is a professional wife and/ or girlfriend, a celebrity for the sake of celebrity.

Urghhh. It will be a sad day for fashion if this is true.

Scarlett Johansson for Mango

In the past, Spanish store, Mango, has worked with Milla Jovovich and Lizzie Jagger but new poster face Scarlett Johansson is Mango’s most high-profile celebrity model to date.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring actress, who took over from co-star Penelope Cruz as the face of the High Street label earlier this year, has posed in a series of stunning images to promote the store’s new collection, taken by famed fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti.

The fashion label said of its new star: “She is an extraordinary personality, fun, young. She’s Mango’s ideal urban woman, independent and cosmopolitan.”

The photos show the 24 year old with short peroxide blonde hair, smouldering against a graffiti-covered wall. The shoot sees her wear pieces from an Eighties-inspired collection; including T-shirt dresses, embellished miniskirts and polished tailoring, flaunting her famous curves. While the edgy rock-chic leather remains, the leopard-print of early autumn has been replaced with inky blues, black and pale grey.

Scarlett, who recently married fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, made an appearance in Munich, Germany earlier this week to launch the campaign. Dressed, naturally, in head-to-toe Mango, she wore a sleeveless printed pussy-bow blouse with a beige pencil skirt and co-ordinating platform peep-toes (see images to the right, top image). It was a far cry from Scarlett’s usual vintage-inspired look, which is often compared with the style of Marilyn Monroe.

However, it’s these images that have prompted a mixed reception from the fashion press, with some, like Instyle, praising the ‘strong direction’ being taken by the chain and others, for example OSOYOU, criticising its bland neutrality. I’m just surprised that this shot has been publicised as heavily, as it really doesn’t do justice to the collection, let alone to Johansson.

Megan Fox for Armani

Fashionistas worldwide have been left unimpressed as 23 year old idiot Megan Fox has be announced as the new face for high-end fashion line Armani. According to published reports, Fox will receive a six figure payment to pose in underwear for the fashion retailer shot by fashion photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Hours after the rumour was confirmed, fashion blogs begun dissecting the news and have reached a fashionable verdict. They don’t want her. The move has struck some bubbling controversy amongst the fashion crowd, with some claiming Fox is “not notable for being credible” and is somewhat undeserving of her fame, let alone a prestige celebrity endorsement.

One blogger said, “How can Victoria Beckham, a globally known fashion icon, be replaced with someone who has no brains, no talent, no style and no respect? There are a million better picks than Megan Fox.”

Others believe Fox’s otherwise ‘trashy’ image will taint the sophistication and stylish appeal of the Armani brand and that although she is a popular choice, she may not be a suitable one.

Fans of the actress support her new endeavour, claiming the project may encourage the seriousness of her career, while others speak of its counterpart, stating Fox does lack seriousness in her career and would be a more suitable spokesperson for Target.


Fox, famous for leaning over a broken down Camero in the first Transformers flick and for learning over a motorcycle in the sequel, hinted at the prospect some weeks ago. According to the now confirmed reports, the star will appear in a series of print and billboard advertisements for the brand but will not be photographed with male spokesperson, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Would you take style advice from Katie Price?

No sane fashion critic would ever look at professional attention seeker, Katie Price (formerly known back in her glamour modelling days simply as Jordan) and say she has style. Yet, Jordan is not letting that get her down, as she’s come up with the ultimate “style” guide to help women learn to recreate her outfits, her makeup and even her surgically altered features.

“People are scared of Botox as they think their face is going to end up frozen and blank-looking,” explains Katie in one keynote address from Standing Out, “but I don’t have a very expressive face anyway so I don’t worry about not being able to show emotion. It’s not like I’m an actor and need to have that ability.”

But it’s not all cyborg glitz. “I remember one time I had a charity job in a poor part of India,” begins one heart-rending passage. “I arrived to find my suitcase had split and everything had vanished, so I didn’t have anything to wear for the job, no make-up, toiletries – nothing. As there were no shops I had to spend the whole three days of our trip in what I had been wearing on the plane. That was pretty shit, I can tell you.”

And there the anecdote ends, redefining the concept of putting things into perspective.

If you buy this book you need professional help. Fact.

Anyway, this blog was just an excuse to look at the orange lady’s terrible outfit choices, let’s all prepare to shake our heads in disgust.

Paris Fashion Week – The day fashion ended

Many believe that modern fashion began with the rigorous Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga, who subsequently passed on his experience to Emanuel Ungaro. So you’ll be forgiven for coming over faint when you hear that Ungaro is now under the creative directorship of one Lindsay Lohan.

Since the retirement of Emanuel Ungaro the label has languished with a revolving door of designers; Peter Dundas is now at Emilio Pucci, while Giambattista Valli designs a successful label under his own name, but none have succeeded in making Ungaro creditable or profitable. The latest designer, Esteban Cortazar, who was appointed in 2007, was fired after his refusal to work with actress Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan was offered the appointment by Ungaro’s president and CEO, Mounir Moufarrige, the same man who slotted a certain pop star’s daughter into the top job at Chloé a decade ago, replacing Karl Lagerfeld. Subsequently, Lohan was appointed Artistic Director, working with new head designer Estrella Archs, a veteran of the Prada, Hussein Chalayan and Nina Ricci design studios, who was hired hastily to replace Cortazar.

As a show it was underwhelming and, even though they had only three weeks to put it together, I think perhaps they should have waited until next season. Visitors to the Emanuel Ungaro studio during the hectic last days of preparations for this collection noticed that while Archs put the finishing touches to the clothes, Lohan was nowhere to be seen. Not that Lohan was neglecting her duties: she was to be found on Twitter, fulfilling her role by inviting celebrity friends such as Lily Allen to the show.

Well, how to make an impression the first time you are let loose on a Parisian catwalk? Sequinned nipple stickers should do it.

Swathed in shocking pink, the room in the Carousel du Louvre bore little, if any, resemblance to the shows Emanuel Ungaro himself used to put on.

Of course it was a label famed for its colour and there was plenty of that: a pink strapless mini dress wrapped in fuchsia chiffon for a start, but the initial hope was very quickly dashed by ruched chiffon trousers in bright blue or orange worn with silk collarless matching blouses and billowing pink genie pants with wide, gathered waistbands below scarlet bra tops.

It was fun, maybe, for LA girls wanting plenty of ideas in their wardrobe to cover several parties a night, every night: one-shouldered white ones, sparkly, tight striped ones, flowing peach chiffon ones – but it didn’t go much beyond that.

Leather jackets with swatches cut out to show a sparkly inner layer gave a bit of bling, while black tuxedo jackets whose lapels were two halves of a red sequined heart injected some humour to the collection and bulging fur stoles thrown over one shoulder signaled that if not exactly chic, these girls were certainly rich.

Ungaro is a house deserving of the respect it once held and Spanish designer Estrella Archs, brought in just weeks ago to replace her successor, would do well to dress more than just Lohan-a-likes. My absolute detest of “celebrities” entering the fashion industry doesn’t blind me to the fact that this was probably a shrewd business move. Obviously, for the first time in several years, Ungaro will get written up everywhere. Is this enough to sustain a venerable French house? Of course not.