BNP on Question Time tonight

BNP leader Nick Griffin is to appear on Question Time tonight at 10:35 on BBC1, alongside Justice Secretary Jack Straw and Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne.

Earlier today, anti-fascist protesters broke into BBC Television Centre; about 25 people were thrown out by police after breaking through a gate at the main entrance. There are several hundred protesters outside the West London building.

According to BBC News, Deputy director general Mark Byford earlier defended the BBC’s decision to invite Griffin onto the show saying it was part of the corporation’s “responsibility of due impartiality”.

Griffin is now inside television centre after being driven in through another entrance.

As he walked towards the studio for the recording, he said he expected it to be a “fair old political rough and tumble”.

He earlier accused the protesters of “attacking the rights of millions of people to listen to what I’ve got to say and listen to me being called to account by other politicians,” adding: “It really is a disgraceful thing.” That’s disgraceful? Is it really, Mr Griffin?

Weyman Bennett from Unite Against Fascism accused the BBC of “rolling out the red carpet” to Mr Griffin and said his appearance on the flagship discussion programme “will lead to the growth of a fascist party” and promote violence against ethnic minorities.

I’m excited to see how they’re going to handle this; they could either speak to him as an equal politician, remaining fairly uncontroversial (which would probably increase BNP popularity) or rip him to fucking shreds, exposing the racist party that they are.