Store opening: Christian Louboutin, Beirut

Christian Louboutin has opened his new concept store at the Beirut Souks. The 1000-square-foot boutique is located on Fakhry Bey Street, one of the most exclusive shopping avenues in the area. Divided into two spaces, the mezzanine level offers women Christian Louboutin’s range of day wear and classic styles while the first floor is dedicated to evening wear.

Designed by London-based design consultancy Household, the décor reflects a Middle East aesthetic with customised chandeliers, printed cornices and bespoke, upholstered furniture pieces from the region. A gallery wall features an intimate collection of Christian’s private photographs – friends, family and travels through the years – giving a unique insight into the world of Christian Louboutin.

In the press release Louboutin says, “The Beirut launch is very significant because there’s a very sophisticated Middle Eastern client who wants the very best in footwear for every occasion and they want it presented a space that resonates with the new world that is fast emerging in the Middle East while staying true to their customs. The Beirut store is exciting as my clients have the chance to see my life up close and personal – the photos, the facets of the store and the collections have all been handpicked by me with the Lebanese client in mind.”