I Like My Style

At work today I was sent an e-mail about the newest social networking phenomenon ilikemystyle.net. For those of you lucky enough to have access to WGSN, check out the report: http://www.wgsn.com/members/youth-market/bitesize/ym2010aug10_092637

User generated, ilikemystyle connects those who, as they put it, “share a passion for fashion and style; for the beautiful and the ugly; the chic and the ridiculous”. The individual uploads images of themselves in various outfits which can then be tagged with information about the product, such as where it was bought, the designer, the fabric type and the time of purchase etc. Each image is then logged and archived into the network allowing others to look, like and comment on it. It’s Facebook for the fashion lover.

The website needs a serious rebuild, and the quarterly magazine – put together by site members, from the photo shoots and stories covered to the interviews and latest style trends – isn’t exactly visually ground-breaking but the idea is pretty revolutionary. ilikemystyle.net networks the plurality of global styles and is as much about communication and exchange as it is about personal expression. In the 90s, the street became the most relevant source for fashion, seen with the popularity of street style shots (and, ultimately, websites that cause obsessive viewing, like lookbook). Today the new street is the internet: its immediacy, global accessibility and diversity perfectly reflect what fashion is all about.