First look at Alexander McQueen – Part 2

Here’s the first images of Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2010 collection, that has just been streamed live on

Apologies for the poor quality, they’re just print screens, obviously I’ll do a full report when the official images are released.

The live stream began at 7:30 with a pre-recorded interview from Alexander “Lee” McQueen. In the half hour discussion he commented on how his collections had never been about “an image in a magazine” or made to sell; they had always been about this moment in time and the relevance to what is going on around him. He believes that this helps break down barriers between fashion and the public.

He then went on to discuss fashion as a form of entertainment which is not just a commercial platform to sell, this, he said, “is what keeps me interested in fashion. It’s what motivates me”. He explained how he liked turning this “illusion” in his mind into something physical.

When asked about his frequent use of the macabre and his darker aesthetic McQueen just shrugged and explained, “death is a part of everyday life”.

The latest spring/ summer collection is based on the idea of Atlantis which, he explained, was no different in his mind then the idea of Netherland, an imaginary place in which to escape to.

The show began around 8pm (UK) and the runway was lit up and two camera’s on either side of the platform came to life (oddly, reminding me of McQueen for Givenchy, the car paint spray gun.) The backdrop showed a naked Kate Moss writing around, obviously attempting to recreate Botticelli’s Venus, in shades of blues and greens.

The collection was just stunning, in a range of blues, green, blacks, silvers. Obviously what caught my eye were those shoes. I mean, wow. Those poor models stretched onto their tiptoes as they elegantly strolled down the runway.

Unfortunately, with the amount of people viewing the show, the live stream began to break up so much it was unwatchable. I’ll write a full review when the complete show is put online.